LLEAPP, Edinburgh 19th-21st May 2009

LLEAPP is a cross-discipline researcher led project that will provide a forum for exploring shared issues around sound, composition, performance and technology and to foster collaborative, practice-based research between practitioners at Edinburgh University and invited partipants from SARC, UEA, City University London and the International Centre for Music Studies (ICMuS) at Newcastle University

The main phase of the project will be a three day laboratory where a number of self-selecting groups will prepare performances based on a conjunction of previous research, that will result in a presentation concert at Edinburgh's Bongo Club on 21st May 2009

Participants include:

Edinburgh University

Sean Williams
Jules Rawlinson
Lauren Hayes
Shiori Usui
Dave Murray-Rust

City University, London

Owen Green

SARC, Belfast

Justin Yang
Miguel Ortiz
Cavan Fyans

ICMuS, Newcastle University

Adam Parkinson
Jamie Thomson
Nick Williams

University of East Anglia

Jason Dixon
Stephen Bennett