Cavan Fyans; if you read this before tomorrow!

I'm a PhD student at SARC. My Research focuses on the spectator understanding of performative interaction. Looking at the systems through which interactions with technology are communicated with the spectator (primarily new digital musical instruments) including how the spectator makes cognitive judgements of performance (such as error, success and skill).

In performance I work with Supercollider, home-made and cheap commercial controllers, gamepads, circuit-bent noise makers and Bass. I’m usually interested in things based around improvised interactions in performance and working with live instruments, but I’m open to all ideas. I have been sighted performing in BLISS (Belfast Legion of Improvised Sights and Sounds) at SARC (continuing the trend Jason and others started several years ago with his mask wearing audio antics), other times with as Mexican&British and in seedy, dark bars recently in a laptop and guitar duet.