Jason Dixon - the man behind the mask

I'm currently working towards a practice led PhD at UEA, Norwich. My work tends to gravitate towards obfuscation and masking, with some sort of text at the root of it all. Low frequencies are common, as are abused algorithmic processes, circuit-bent instruments, non-linear filters and live-coding. I often wear a mask or hooded cloak while performing - the top of my big bald head isn't all that interesting to look at. 

I perform as JDTJDJ with Tom Davis (formerly of SARC) and as The Raw and the Cooked with Edgar Curtis (currently at UEA). In a former life I was a member of BLISS (The Belfast Legion of Improvised Sights and Sounds) at SARC.

During the workshop I would like to find out:
  • What your human-computer interaction strategies are
  • What your human-human interaction strategies are
  • Where does the audience fit in to all of this
This is JDTJDJ in action:

and this is The Raw and the Cooked in action:

More music and information is available at www.mutantsounds.com


  1. Have you been experimenting with shared audio processes/relationships? For example, one person controls the oscillator/pitch/frequency, another the filter/timbre and another the amplitude?

    I'm thinking of an alternative to the scenario where each performer makes his/her own sound, and I'm thinking of Stockhausen's Mikrophonie I as an example of this approach.

    This could extend to other less obvious areas such as individual control of clock rates, probability of deviations etc...

  2. Well, yes and no - I've certainly shared data between performers (clocks, frequency information and other control data) but this has always been under the assumption that the other guys can do what they like with it (including ignoring it completely!). With JDTJDJ there is a bit more sharing of audio going on: we like to employ "risky strategies" in order to explore the emergent properties of the resulting sound. One of our most common "tricks" is to process each others output via the medium of the macbook built in microphone. Occasionally we both happen to do it at the same time and then the fun starts!


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