What has Shiori been up to?

I am doing a practical based PhD in Composition at the University of Edinburgh.
My PhD theme is 'using body as an instrument'. Body could literally mean a human body, a body of acoustic/electronic instrument, and the idea could also be extended to a 'body' of a space which we perform our music.

I'm also interested in how the treatments of acoustic/electronic instrument as a human body could be translated into performance and compositional elements. I have experimented with how different touches of playing piano with different parts of body, for example, could create a various kinds of sound palette. Using motion-tracking sensors, I am also working on a project with a friend of mine to explore how the human movements (this time focusing on itchiness of body) and sounds could be related to/not related....

So, the things I'd be interested in doing in the workshop are;
1) Creating and playing a short collaborative composition/semi-improvisation *that involves notation* for both acoustic and electronic instruments.
2) Incorporating some performance elements, such as movements of playing acoustic/electronic instruments and space of performance, into compositional/semi-improvisational elements.
I play the piano (mainly inside and under the piano), making all sorts of noise with a mouth, and making primarily air sounds with flute..... There is also a massive piano sound-board with strings attached available at the music department here but it could be a little tricky to transport that to our performance venue.....

And here is link for a little taster of my music, which most people find unsettling...(and which I sympathise with!!!).


Looking forward to the workshop and please post any comments, ideas, questions etc etc....

Shiori Usui


  1. Hi Shiori

    I'm keen to work with something based on notation, but still exploring the links between digital and analogue control.

    Something involving clocks, clock divisions, divisions of tempo etc but planned/notated might be a good way to combine some of our ideas?


  2. oh sean, i've just read your comment now (that's useful)!! but as we talked before, i'm keen to work with ya, and compose music invloving some clocks, clicks etc..! shio


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