What in the world is an Owen Green?

I'm doing practice led research towards a PhD at City Uni, London.

My research is focused on social practices in heavily technologically mediated musicking, particularly the relative scarcity of collaborative electronic music and the status of such musicking as part of everyday life, away from the stage.

I'm interested in the ways that technology and practice interelate: at present, I'm particularly interested in how the ways we communicate about technology and practice could be used to contribute to a more sustainable musical culture that affords greater participation and is more robust to unplanned technological change.

Improvising and / or technologically mediated musicians face especial challanges in this respect as our knowledge(s) about our practices are embodied in diffuse and untangible ways, making them hard to communicate even to other specialists, let alone anyone else. In the workshop I'm keen to pursue this in two ways:
  • Exploring some techniques for how, interpersonally, we can establish shared sonic and gestural languages within the musical moment about what we're doing, and might be about to do.
  • Investigatnig some methodological ideas about how researchers in our field might better document our work, ideas and experiences. This means I'll be troubling people for some chat about how they tend to go about this, and how they conceive of practice as a notion.
'Nuff blether for the moment, some noises:

Here's a video of me doing a solo performance:

And There is Danger in the Air, Edinburgh University, July 2008 from Owen Green on Vimeo.

I play with Jules and Dave in a laptop trio, some of that is here.

I'm also in a duo called Sileni.