The original Edinburgh LLEAPP conveners (Sean, Owen, Lauren and Jules) have been successful in attracting funding to host a 2013 event, this time thanks to an ECA Career Development Grant, with additional support from New Media Scotland.

The LLEAPP format has been reshaped to reflect both the changing performance practices, and the evolving career paths of its participants and to strengthen these networks of practice. This event will begin with a public concert by participants showcasing their own developed practices. Two days of intensive workshops based on responses to a set text and led by musical director Jan Hendrickse will end with a performance in Inspace, followed by a half day for critical appraisal.

Providing a formal narrative structure for the final performance, and engaging a musical director, will enable participants to focus more on the performance practices. Providing an extra half day for criticism and analysis will foster the generation of research outcomes to be published online.

Given the unstable nature of electronic musical instruments and the highly specific and individual requirements of many electronic music compositions, this area of practice is highly personal and idiosyncratic, and does not lend itself easily to the traditional division of labour expressed in the composer/performer/instrument designer model.

LLEAPP confronts this problem through practice. As participants progress through academic careers, the value of continuing LLEAPP increases as a way of identifying techniques and strategies of working in a wider context that can be passed on to students at earlier stages of their own practice.

Participants for LLEAPP 2013 are:
Sean Williams
Jules Rawlinson
Lauren Hayes
Owen Green
Christos Michalakos
Emma Loyd
Adam Linson
Radek Rudnicki
Rob Canning
Frauke Aulbert
Marinos Koutsomichalis
Bill Vine
Amit Patel
Jan Hendrickse (Musical Director)