LLEAP 2013 process ideas

I'm looking forward to coming to work with LLEAP and have been looking into the starting point of Homer's Odyssey. It's been presenting a few conceptual challenges for my anti-narrative brain, as I tend to go for minimalist starting ideas... however. I found this text by Ian Johnston which started to get a few thoughts going. I'll post it here for info, if you have any thoughts do comment. I also have some ideas about working with audio cues from an audio version of the Odyssey. (so if anyone has fourteen wireless in-ear monitoring receivers do let me know!)

'This structure, in which different stories are going on at the same time and we are shifting back and forth between them, creates a very different effect.... Here there is what I like to call an almost spatial organization of incidents, as if at one moment we are seeing one corner of a grand picture, then shifting to another, and then moving to another, and then going back to the first, and so on—with everything, in a sense, simultaneously present. This helps to create something I’ll have more to say about before I finish—a very different sense of time....'

(emphasis added by me)