Looking forward to another LLEAPP. Haven't participated in one since the first (pressures of parenthood and PhD), so in some ways feel as new as others ; )

Main issue for me in performing is often in bringing too much stuff to the party, so I'll try to trim down for concerts. Tend to have a bipolar attitude to sound that swings between analogue and digital and find it difficult to do both together in realtime (but seem to manage it in the studio). Laptop work hinges on gestural interfaces to sample banks (Wacom tablet, SpaceNavigator, CDJ etc), coupled with graphic scoring system derived from Schaeffer via Thoreson.

In my limited reading of The Odyssey so far, I've been quite excited by aspects of adoption of identities on the part of the Gods (esp. Athena), and have been pulling appealing ideas and sentences out (e.g. Penelope working at her loom all day (mechanical, rhythmic) only to pull her work apart every night (organic, arrhythmic)). Also attracted to aspects of 'winds' as tuned noise.

Here's something to listen to: