Networked Performance

As a newcomer to LLEAP I'm not sure how human / computer/instrument communications have been dealt with in the past - its nice to see that there will be someone dedicated to musical direction to deal with some of the more human issues that will arise with such a large ensemble - as for the communications between the machines OSC seems the standard and so I have build a little raspberrypi oscgroups server coupled with a wireless access point - this might facilitate networking a little unless you all have something in place - oscgroups is really handy for OSC multicast and it can NAT hole punch so its also great for tele performances when some participants are on the wide area network and some are on a local area network. Anyone interested in sending or receiving OSC could install the oscgroups client (Linux,Mac). it has the dependency of oscpack but is easy to compile. (this is a new 64bit compatible version for anyone who has had issues in the past)

Could be a nice interpretation of different flows of time suggested by the Odyssey to have network communications time staggered between the connected performers so there are moments of "now" action and repercussions influencing other performers as the network messages ripple through the network of instruments. Anyway, I shall bring along some network infrastructure and see what happens. This is me