The LLEAPP Experience

This year I was first time at LLEAPP, and found it an amazing experience. The Project featured workshops and performances with the group of top electronic and acoustic improvisers coming  from UK, Europe and USA. It was striking to see each performer with so individual setup, custom made software, DIY and hacked hardware.

I brought combination of instruments I use for Space F!ghtRPE Duo and Freeform projects to test their flexibility in large electronic ensamble environment. I was manipulating my own sound rather then other performers and found it challenging to fit aesthetically with so many electronic musicians. 

On the first day we were grouped randomly and performed few sets in quartets and trios finishing with the set featuring all the musicians involved. This followed by the really interesting workshops focused on communication and collaboration in the group. These changed the way group performed, and interacted with each other. I found myself not looking at the gear while performing and visually paying more attention to the people surrounding me, which was really refreshing. This was followed by unique immersive performance of 13th people each with one speaker spread around the venue. I was really impressed with speed of interactions, diversity of textures and smoothness of transitions performers generated.

The whole LLEAPP experience rose my interest in site specific projects, brought few ideas for the workshops and definitely made me play more gestural structures rather then beat based patterns that I am so used to. 

I hope we can tour the project in the future and take it to really interesting places. 

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