We have amongst us two acoustic performers - voice and violin/viola - so I was thinking about splitting the miked signals from them and distributing this to whoever would like to incorporate these sound-sources into their own instruments/patches. Relating this to the Odyssey could be done by thinking about how the different characters react to telling of the same story, especially at the Phaeacians' palace where Odysseus is forced to listen to the bard recounting his own story before stepping in and telling more of the story himself. The shifting subject might be something we could use to mobilise the focal point in what we are doing.

Other ideas I have found myself thinking about are the gift-giving and the other related codes of conduct such as the libations, the burning of the thigh bones wrapped in fat and the ritual slaughter, both of animals, Odysseus' crew and naughty servants. Not sure how/if we could use these as structural devices in a musical context, but we could adopt some symbolic ritual signals that could herald doom or a good feed.

Oh, and I'll be playing an analogue synth