Exploration begins - a short introduction

I see myself reflected in my music. My body and mind are my music and performance. The way I live and how I see the world is directly tied to how I make music and improvise using sounds, visual and physical materials. LLEAPP is a great opportunity to learn how others practice improvisation and how their ways of living are connected to their artistic practices, if there are any ties between them.

Improvisational elements in my compositions and performances enable me to connect with myself and with the environment, including the audience. I use these elements in a structured way in my compositions -- I create sonic foundations and the improvisation happens as a real-life event to complete the piece. This structure gives me a place to reflect on myself at the moment, and simultaneously I am guided by the past.

My ideas -  sounds, visuals, sense-evoking things like smells, stories, and philosophies - are the focus of my creative process and performances. Since technologies are available, I use them to realize my ideas. This is just me, and I am aware that other people's artistic practices may have other entering points and focuses and I am intrigued to find out about them.

LLEAPP is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about others who are experts in what they do; I look forward to being inspired. I am eager to try something outside of what I usually do, so I will leave my usual set-up of using custom-made instruments home. I can not exactly imagine what will happen at LLEAPP, but I have a sense that it's going to be a special experience for me. Thanks Lauren and others for this opportunity. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

Akiko Hatakeyama