LLEAPPing from Scotland via Santa Barbara

I'm a composer, computer musician and researcher working largely with synthetic sound materials.
With an exception of on the fly generated GUIs, the text editor of a programming language tends to be the main interface I use to compose, perform and improvise, with a keyboard and a mouse-pad of a laptop as a sole physical controller. Such setting imposes a specific way of improvising - slow, limited in physical gestures and focused on the textural development of sound morphologies.

I have worked in an improvisatory setting before - with fellow LLEAPPers Lauren and Jules, with a collective BOAR and various small ensembles both electronic and acoustic, however, these were always purely sound oriented projects. Thus at LLEAPP, I would be interested in working across media, improvising in a group with 'non-sonic' participants of the workshop - digital graphics and movement artists. My longtime goal was to experiment with 'score' mediated performance strategies (e.g. Curtis Roads 'Point/Line/Cloud' or Stockhausen's 'Moment Form') and explore how the variety of practices and media engage in the process of 'figuring' and 'sounding' out verbal and/or graphic representations? what are the material responses and interpretations across practices? how does the act of playing together changes through mediation via a medium of the score?  ... these are just starters for more discussion and probably more questions!!!

I look forward to meeting and working with all of the participants             

you can read more about my work here:


and hear some of my pieces here: