LLEAPING into/away from borders

I am writing this post as I way for my airplane to leave San Diego. I crossed the US/Mexican border a few hours ago, and despite my familiarity withthe process today feels a bit different. Not sure if I can explain how that is.

In  a similar way I see improvisation as something that is both familiar and strange. I am at ease, but I am also very stressed. It is in the end a process of being in the situation at hand and responding to it. But it also means making very conscious decisions. So in a way it is both being (somewhat)  in control and not having control at all.

My current improvisation system is a mix of things, both new and old. I try to have them represent me, so I think this actual setup kind of reflects my state of being at this very moment (to be explained at a later time). It also represents a duality: the known and unknown. To be honest, I'm not sure how well will this respond. I might get something good from it, or it might be an utter failure. Guess we'll find out soon.