Time to get ready to LLEAPP

It’s my first time for LLEAPP. I admit that I am excited, and absolutely unsure of what will happen. It will be great to collaborate and find what the outcome possibilities are. 

This upcoming workshop is about possibilities for me: possibilities in interdisciplinary improvisational structures, possibilities in considering media in a variety of ways, and of course, giving me a chance to step out of the comfortable worlds of sounding with those I usually play along side. My own work tends towards the noisy, with a hint of nostalgia for the early Music Concrete days past, executable in real time using Max and a variety of controllers. This time, the Theremin will stay at home, and I’ll be using mostly materials that are small and compact, limiting myself to one bag only of gear. Since I often improvise with acoustic musicians and record them live to manipulate their sounds, this will be a strange moment- a leaping off into a place where I have no idea what the sounds will be that I encounter.

I find this a joyous fear, one that I relish and cannot wait for.

Perhaps I will find myself slipping in other disciplines, perhaps a bit of movement, perhaps a bit of video. I am unsure. I am ready for whatever occurs, and if I am not ready, I am willing to engage to the best of my abilities. The trappings of my usual rituals left behind, I look forward to these moments of spontaneous creation and learning.

I go to this with my laptop, and a handful of off the shelf controllers. I will leave the light bulbs, the synths, and most of the bones behind (oh, there will be at least one bone, I am sure), but for the most part, it will be what it is. A stripped down version, ready for travel, ready to go at a moments notice.

Some of my improvisational sounds can be previewed here: